What’s New? Clothing Trends You Must Try

The newest fashion trends in the Autumn/Winter 2019 shows are a daring combination of the old and the new. Here are some items that you can add into your wardrobe to stay in style. Have fun dressing up to get your own A-List look!

  1. Go Glam

Since 2020 is coming, we’re really bringing back the Roaring ‘20s aesthetics. This style is a shout out to the flappers of the decadent period. Dazzle with metallic sequin dresses and combine them with big silver earrings, hair clips, and necklaces. Create your own hedonistic party wherever you are.

  1. Comfy Look

We’re talking “staying at home on the weekends watching Netflix” kind of comfort here. Get soft wool dresses, cashmere track pants, and warm turtlenecks, all in monochromatic and neutral shades and soft materials.

  1. Faux Furs

Winter is here, so get insulated! For the increasingly cold weather, anything that involves fuzzy faux furs are your perfect companion, from your regular coat to oversized bucket hats.

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  1. The Monster Mash

The Monster Mash is a predominantly black look with a dash of bold colors for accent. It gets the name because it’s reminiscent of the lurid palette of oldies monster movie monsters. Partner black midi dress with bright accessories, or get striped tops and black leather boots.

  1. Bling Bling

We’re going back to the ‘80s and the ‘90s with these sparkly items. Humongous drop earrings, silver belts, and coat fastenings so glittery they blind the people around you? Why not?

  1. Neon Turtlenecks

The days are getting darker, but we’re not. Brighten them up with neon colors. They’re good to wear with dark colors, so that the fluoro shades look even brighter. This new clothing trend is a sure way to distinguish yourself in the crowd.

  1. ‘80s Headbands

This is another ‘80s trend we’re bringing back. The puffy headbands give you a girly, Alice in Wonderland-esque look that will surely draw attention to you. They also make bad hair days much, much better.

  1. Dresses and Skirts, But with Trousers

This sounds crazy, yes, but try it yourself and you’ll see just how retro-adorable this look is. What is a better way to draw the spotlight to you anyway? Combine with heels for extra cuteness or comfy sneakers for lazy, colder days.

  1. Androgynous Look

We’re breaking and redefining gender stereotypes in this age in every way possible, fashion included. Get an androgynous look—one that is both masculine and feminine—by wearing oversized, boyish clothes. Do anything you want, because this newest clothing trend is all about breaking boundaries!