List On What To Do In Amalfi Coast You Should Follow

When you need to refresh your brain because you hate the situation in the city, you can go to the Amalfi Coast. This is one of the best tourist destinations you can find in Italy. You will meet a lot of people from the whole world who do their holiday in this place. Before go there, it will be better if you know what to do in Amalfi Coast. It is important to arrange your schedule on this beautiful coastline.

However, if you never going to the Amalfi Coast, we will give you some explanations about this place. You will meet an awesome town with multi-colored houses and you can take many pictures there. Besides, you don’t need to be worried about natural destinations. The Amalfi Coast has many mountains and also some awesome sublime beaches. These are the full answers if you still don’t get what to do in Amalfi Coast.

1. Visit the Town of Sorrento

One of the most beautiful places on the Amalfi Coast you should visit is the Town of Sorrento. You can find a lot of awesome scenery where the buildings look merges with the beach. However, the Town of Sorrento offers you some activities on the sea like fishing or sailing boats. Besides, if you love seeing the museum, you can visit the Correale Museum and see historic artifacts.

2. Seeing the Pastel Colored Houses of Positano

When you come into the Amalfi Coast to take some awesome pictures, you should visit this place. You can see a lot of pastel-colored houses neatly arranged along the coastline. It such a beautiful thing seeing how humans can build awesome buildings in the mountainside. Not only awesome buildings but you can also enjoy the sea with a boat to drive out stress.

3. Enjoy the Awesome Views from Praiano

One of the best places in the Amalfi Coast you should ever visit is Praiano. You can walk in the middle of this place and enjoy the awesome buildings there. Besides, you can go down into the harbor and enjoy the clear sea if you feel bored. Above all, you should not forget to try the delicious ice cream from any stalls there.

4. Watching the Fishing Fleets at Cetara

When usually the fisherman town is just a dirty place, Cetara offers you a beautiful city. You can see many buildings near the coastal line with old architecture that looks awesome. However, you can do a lot of activities here like sunbathe, eat in the restaurant, or swimming.

5. Take Boat and Visit Grotta Dello Smeraldo Cave

If you want to do something different on the Amalfi Coast, you should do this activity. This cave is a natural phenomenon that will serve you with awesome panorama. When you come at the right time, you can see the sunlight enter the cave and then touch the water like an emerald. Don’t get complicated when you want to try this activity because they will protect you.

These are some of the examples of what to do in Amalfi Coast you should try. However, there is just a little activity but there are available more than we write down. Now you don’t need to be worried when you come into Amalfi Coast and get bored. The stunning scenery there will make you like to linger.