Hundreds of Thousands of Condoms in Uganda Are Withdrawn

Current events in healthcare – A global health charity named Marie Stopes, withdraws hundreds of thousands of condoms in Uganda due to low quality. Those condoms do not fulfill the health standard because some holes are found. For your information, Marie Stopes is the specialist and biggest sexual reproductive health organization in Uganda. National Drug Authority or NDA in Uganda mentions that condoms with a brand named Life Guard are failed in a condom quality test. Some holes are found in those condoms and there is a possibility that the product can break. The LifeGuard brand underwent a strict quality control, however, the product does not fulfill the standard quality.

The withdrawn condoms are produced by MHL Healthcare that is based in India. According to the related organization, the contraception expires in April 2024. The spokesman of Marie Stopes Uganda named David Kamu stated that there are around 400.000 condoms withdrawn by the organization. On the other hand, the spokesman of the National Drug Authority in Uganda named Fred Sskyana the number of condoms withdrawn is below a million. This is quite worrying because Uganda is a country with a quite high level of HIV/AIDS in the world. According to UNAIDS, there are at least 1.4 million people in Uganda who live with HIV. Last year, there are around 53.000 people recently affected the disease.

As you know, HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a deadly virus because it damages the immune system of the body. If it is not treated well, HIV can develop into AIDS or Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome within a decade. Without any treatment or medication, the life expectancy of people with AIDS is around 3 years. Research performed from 2009 to 2019 shows that there are some professions with the most HIV/AIDS, 5 of them are employees, housewives, entrepreneurs, farmers/fishermen/breeders, and laborers. Most patients with HIV/AIDS visit hospitals or other health facilities when their conditions are already severe. So that the virus is harder to be treated.

So, it is highly suggested to directly undergo a medical examination when a patient feels the symptoms of HIV. Because the disease can be controlled and the life expectancy of people with HIV is almost the same as for someone who has not been infected by the virus. HIV/AIDS is a worrying case in any country, not only Uganda. This is why it is always included in current events in healthcare.