Health and Fitness News – New Vaccine to Prevent Staph Infection Has Been Found

In health and fitness news today! Scientists have found a new vaccine that can help to avoid staph infections. Recent research that involve mice and rabbits have shown significant results. The vaccine is hoped to prevent the killing of infections to more people in the future.

Researches on the Vaccine

A series of research that uses mice and rabbits infected by S. aureus has shown great results. 80% of mice involved in the research were known to survive. The experimental vaccine was developed by a group of scientists at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. There are two-thirds of the percentage were known to be free from infections just within 3 weeks. Not only that but two-thirds of the rabbits used in the researches also survived and cleared the infections in about one month. The results shown are believed to be very useful in human health and save more people in the future. The vaccine will also be beneficial for patients who are undergoing surgery, especially cardiovascular and orthopedic procedures.

During the research, scientists had injected S. aureus into the bone marrow and hole-like lesions found in the bone. The mice were able to survive 21 days after the infections and show no signs that they had been ill. The same results were also found in the rabbits infected by the bacteria.

  1. aureus has been known for a long time as a bacteria on the skin that can cause infections on the area, blood, and bone. The bacteria are also commonly found in the respiratory tract and nasal cavities. The bacteria can lead humans to suffer from respiratory infections, skin infections, bloodstream infections, and food poisoning. Staph infections are known to have killed more than 300,000 people in the United States every year. Additionally, they also cause the healthcare system to cover the treatment and medication needed for the infections around $10 billion so far. 

The Vaccine Development

The scientists at the University of Maryland screened S. aureus proteins to develop this new experimental vaccine. The proteins will be killed by antibodies when chronic infection attacks. According to scientists, the methods used will make it possible for them to choose protein targets to be given the vaccine. There were 5 different proteins used by scientists to develop the vaccine. Four of the proteins a bacterial biofilm. They are slimy substances that will secure the bacteria from various immune responses like antibiotics and antibodies.