best travel tips during coronavirus

Best Travel Tips During Coronavirus Wherever You Go

Since the coronavirus outbreak spreads wider, many people cancel their travel plans. They prefer to stay at home and minimize contact with others as much as possible. Working and studying are done at home, also, business meetings and classes go online. But how if you have to visit one place? You cannot avoid it and must be there. Be calm because we will give you the best travel tips during coronavirus pandemic.

All you need to aware of is every country now gets very strict. Actually, the restrictions also applied in smaller regions too. They are not as open as before. Only certain people are allowed to come in. So, don’t be surprised when they ask you for many requirements for permission. However, when you are finally accepted, you still need to watch around and do these following best travel tips during coronavirus:

1. Never Put Off the Mask

There is no excuse not to use a face mask. Everybody must use it whenever they go outside. It already becomes a health protocol in every place. By using a mask, you protect yourself and others from the virus spread. Make sure there is no gap between the mask and face, also, avoid touching its surface by your hands. Don’t re-use the single-use mask and change the mask after six up to eight hours.

2. Always Clean Your Hands

Perform hygiene frequently is a must. You have to keep your hands clean by washing under the water flow. Or, you can also use hand sanitizer with alcohol-based. But, remember, cleaning hands with sanitizer is only temporary. Once you find water, rewash your hands with soap too. So, don’t forget to have a small bottle of sanitizer inside your bag.

3. Cover Your Mouth and Nose When Coughing or Sneezing

As you know that coronavirus is spread through droplets. That is why everybody must cover their mouth and nose once gets coughing or sneezing. Use a tissue or flexed elbow, then dispose of the tissue immediately. After that, wash your hands to keep them clean. Don’t touch something before washing hands and never keep that tissue.

4. Minimize Physical Contact and Keep the Distance

Other best travel tips during coronavirus are keeping your distance and avoid physical contact. Maintain at least 1 meter between yourself and other people because the small spray from mouth and nose might move within that distance. Change handshaking by smiling or lowering your body. This style has already done by people since the coronavirus outbreak happens in many countries. 

5. Take 14 Days Self-Quarantine

After you travel, you have to do 14 days of self-quarantine at home. It is better not to have contact with your family members and people around. This period is for recovery just in case you get flu or other symptoms of COVID-19. Keep updating your health condition to the nearest health care facility if you feel one of the COVID-19 symptoms. 

We know that there are still businesses that should be done in the field in this situation. Thus, everybody has to know how to go outside safely. Those best travel tips during coronavirus above are the standard that you have to do. However, if you can hold a little time not to travel, it is best to do everything at home.

3 Recommended Ways for Public Transport Trip Planner

The use of Public Transportation has become a focus in several countries. Developed countries tend to use public transportation compared to using private cars. Although many things must be considered when using public transportation such as the public transportation schedules, prioritizing the people that get off from public transportation, and pay attention to the station or the stop. But the use of Public Transportation supports the go-green movement because the pollution generated by private vehicles will be reduced. Public transportation includes buses and trains. Examples of countries where the majority of people use public transportation are Singapore, Japan, German, United Kingdom, and French. Here are some recommended ways for Public Transport Trip Planner. 

 Using Google Maps

Google continues to update the features available on its Maps. Google maps provide very complete public transportation data such as bus or train numbers, arrival times, travel time, and transportation ticket prices. Users only need to type their starting location and destination location, Google Maps will directly display what kind of transportation that the user wants such as public transportation, motorbikes, and cars. Google maps also offer other options that are felt to be more efficient in time or cost so that it is very easy for users to arrive at their destination. Users can also follow their journey using public transportation on maps to ascertain whether the path taken is correct.

Directly to the general Vehicle Website

In general, every country that has good public transportation technology will provide a special website for these public vehicles. Services on this website such as departure schedules, transportation numbers, routes, prices, and even whether there is a diversion of the route if something happens at the location. The country that has the public transportation website in Australia namely which provides public transportation services for Sydney and NSW. Great Britain has which provides information for buses, ferry, and light trains. Websites like this are very useful because to find the route to the destination location feels very easy.

Ask on the Travel Forum

Today, many use the travel forum on the internet to ask questions about public transport trip planners. This is very useful, especially for foreign tourists. The question will be answered by residents or other foreign tourists who have visited the country so that the information obtained will be very certain. In general, questions like this will be explained in detail or will have other options so that your trip will feel easier.

Expedia Flight And Car And How To Find The Best Travel Agent

Talking about expedia flight and car, surely what comes to your mind is how to find a suitable and trusted travel agent. Currently, there are many concerns about the credibility of travel agents, because it is not uncommon to only utilize passenger difficulties, but not to provide maximum service. Therefore, this article will discuss how to find a suitable and trustworthy travel agent.

Find out about aircraft and car security history

For transportation problems, whether using airplanes or cars, security matters first. Therefore, you must do a check on this matter. Each airline has a track record of each flight. Of course, you can find out which airline has the best level of security. This also applies to search car rentals or touring services by car.

You can check and research which airlines have experienced delays failed to fly, failed to land until the plane crashed. You can also find out which travel agent usually has a bad testimony in terms of customer service. You can choose when you have never had an accident or at least the minimum level of accident. This history can be a reference for those of you who want to choose a safe and comfortable airline.

Choose the most reasonable price and according to the facilities

The price can’t lie. This term you can trust or not. But at least when you will choose a safe and comfortable airline such as expedia flight and car, the term can be a reference.

Indeed, today many airlines offer affordable ticket prices that allow many people to use the plane. However, aircraft safety and comfort are the main ones. That is, an airline may not provide expensive prices if the service is not good from other cheap airlines. Therefore, choose an airline whose ticket price is slightly more expensive but the level of security and comfort is guaranteed.

This, of course, you can also apply to other transportation such as a car. But of course, you have to check beforehand, to ensure the suitability of the price with the facilities offered.

Don’t hesitate to find out about testimonials from other customers

Tips that you may not miss when choosing an airline or travel agent that is safe and comfortable is to know the testimonies of other passengers. For example, you can ask your relatives, relatives, friends or other parties about what airlines and travel agents are the best they have ever used.

Usually, every passenger who has used a travel agent must have experience. They can feel how the facilities, and services.

There are several ways to find the best deal about flight and car such as in expedia flight and car.