4 Recommendations of the New Game Online Play on Smartphones

What is the best new game online play? You must agree that playing games simply makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. Interestingly, it is now no longer a difficult thing. There are so many developers out there that produce fun and fascinating online games. Despite those games like Mobile Legend that has been very popular for so long, some new games are also recommended to play. For mobile games, what are the recommendations? You can take a look at the list below.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is actually based on a Nintendo classic game. The type of the game is racing and it provides you some simpler control features. You don’t need to be a Nintendo player first to know and play the game. This mobile game offers you 30 characters, 20 carts, and 10 gliders to choose from. You must compete with other players to win 16 trophies. After finishing every race, you can gain Grand Stars with a maximum of 5 Grand Stars that are available in each series.

Gears Pop!

The next recommendation is Gears Pop! The game is launched by Microsoft and it is designed based on the franchise of Gears of War. The game basically combines Gears and Pop Funko Characters. It is a kind of multiplayer game to be played in real-time with an environment or universe namely Gears. There are many enemies to face and defeat that are coming from other players. But sure, it is possible to face AI when you want to test your own strategies. How to play it? Build your own troop by defeating and collecting your enemies.

Pokemon Masters

If Pokemon Go lets you catch and collect your Pokemon in Pokemon Masters, you collect the masters. Each master must have his or her relationship with a Pokemon. Then, you need to create the best team consisting of 3 people to win the tournament of Pokemon Masters League done in Pasi0 Island. Well, for fans of Pokemon, you should not miss this game out.

Forza Street

Forza Street is another new game from Microsoft. It is a kind of free racing game that has been available in devices of Windows 10. Currently, the company makes it available on Android. The main goal of the game is winning events and gain points to improve your car’s performance. You can also buy a new car to be added to your garage. The game is challenging since it is not only about speed but also time.

4 New Games to Play on Smartphones

What are new games to play? Games like Mobile Legends, Free Fire, and others must have been played often, aren’t they? Well, if you are just bored with them and want to try something new, there are so many recommendations. Interestingly, some of the recommended games are considered new and can even be played for free. What are those games? Check them out.

Call of Duty: Mobile

The developer Activision recently officially launches its new game namely Call of Duty: Mobile. Now, it is getting more and more popular and it can even compete with PUBG Mobile. The mobile version of Call of Duty presents various modes to play including Deathmatch, Bomb Mission, and Domination. They are played using the first-person perspective. There is even the mode of Battle Royale that follows the latest trend of a battle game.

Mario Kart Tour

Aside from Super Mario Run, Nintendo also presents a game entitled Mario Kart Tour with the genre of racing and arcade on your Android and iOS devices. Mario Kart Tour presents various special characters like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and more. In general, it is very similar to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. However, there are some improvements mainly in terms of graphic designs and features. So, make sure to download this one.

Digimon ReArise

Digimon ReArise has officially launched a game that is presented in English. Previously, the game is only available in the Japanese language. The game was launched by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It feels really nostalgic since the game previously can only be enjoyed in PlayStation 2. In the game, you can fight against many other players alongside with 5 Digimons that can be summoned in every battle. More than that, there is a new concept introduced; it is the Farm concept. Well, with the concept, you can take care of the digimon just like your pet.

Project Zero Death

The new Android Game in October 2019 is Project Zero Death. The game is really recommended for you who are looking for a kind of multiplayer online game that is really light and easy to play. The game has a shooter 2D genre. It presents more than 30 maps to play with 7 options of unique characters. Sure, you can just update it in the future. In terms of weapon, it is also various. Those weapons can be found in some parts of the map with their own functions, benefits, and of course, lacks.