Best Travel Tips During Coronavirus Wherever You Go

Since the coronavirus outbreak spreads wider, many people cancel their travel plans. They prefer to stay at home and minimize contact with others as much as possible. Working and studying are done at home, also, business meetings and classes go online. But how if you have to visit one place? You cannot avoid it and must be there. Be calm because we will give you the best travel tips during coronavirus pandemic.

All you need to aware of is every country now gets very strict. Actually, the restrictions also applied in smaller regions too. They are not as open as before. Only certain people are allowed to come in. So, don’t be surprised when they ask you for many requirements for permission. However, when you are finally accepted, you still need to watch around and do these following best travel tips during coronavirus:

1. Never Put Off the Mask

There is no excuse not to use a face mask. Everybody must use it whenever they go outside. It already becomes a health protocol in every place. By using a mask, you protect yourself and others from the virus spread. Make sure there is no gap between the mask and face, also, avoid touching its surface by your hands. Don’t re-use the single-use mask and change the mask after six up to eight hours.

2. Always Clean Your Hands

Perform hygiene frequently is a must. You have to keep your hands clean by washing under the water flow. Or, you can also use hand sanitizer with alcohol-based. But, remember, cleaning hands with sanitizer is only temporary. Once you find water, rewash your hands with soap too. So, don’t forget to have a small bottle of sanitizer inside your bag.

3. Cover Your Mouth and Nose When Coughing or Sneezing

As you know that coronavirus is spread through droplets. That is why everybody must cover their mouth and nose once gets coughing or sneezing. Use a tissue or flexed elbow, then dispose of the tissue immediately. After that, wash your hands to keep them clean. Don’t touch something before washing hands and never keep that tissue.

4. Minimize Physical Contact and Keep the Distance

Other best travel tips during coronavirus are keeping your distance and avoid physical contact. Maintain at least 1 meter between yourself and other people because the small spray from mouth and nose might move within that distance. Change handshaking by smiling or lowering your body. This style has already done by people since the coronavirus outbreak happens in many countries. 

5. Take 14 Days Self-Quarantine

After you travel, you have to do 14 days of self-quarantine at home. It is better not to have contact with your family members and people around. This period is for recovery just in case you get flu or other symptoms of COVID-19. Keep updating your health condition to the nearest health care facility if you feel one of the COVID-19 symptoms. 

We know that there are still businesses that should be done in the field in this situation. Thus, everybody has to know how to go outside safely. Those best travel tips during coronavirus above are the standard that you have to do. However, if you can hold a little time not to travel, it is best to do everything at home.