5 Helpful Tips For Picky Eating Toddlers

Mealtime sometimes can be frustrating for several parents. One of the causes is due to picky eating. If you are facing this condition, don’t be stress, because you are not alone. Based on the research, almost 50% of toddlers are picky eaters. That is why we think it is important to share with you the tips for picky eating toddlers here. However, even though this behavior is common in every child, you still should aware of their nutrition needs.

tips for picky eating toddlers

We know that it is not easy to attract the kids in the dining room. But don’t give up with this, because if you let it for the long-term, the condition will be worse in the future. Besides they can’t fulfill their intake needs, the other consequences are late self-development. We believe that you won’t this happens to your son or daughter. So, try one by one the tips for picky eating toddlers below, hopefully, it could ease your problem:

1. Stick to the Routine

Having a child is not only about caring. Discipline is also important to teach them to be good adults in the future. This might be started from a mealtime routine. Serve the same meals and snacks for several days, then change into something new. Stick to the time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and also, for the snacking time. Remember, routinely makes your kids understand what to do later without having to be always monitored.

2. Be a Good Example

Parents are the role models for every child. So, if you want your kids to eat whatever you serve, just show them how to eat it properly. Sit beside them and show how delicious the meal is. Enjoy every time you have in the dining room. How can you push your child to eat a portion of food while you are not showing enjoy it? It is nice to have fun eating together with them. In addition, mealtime could be your quality time.

3. Make a Food Creation

Perhaps, your children are bored with the menu. It is your time to be creative with everything you have in the kitchen. Find food creations on the internet and try one by one. Make a colorful plate could also attract the kids to eat. You can combine the carrot with the spinach and eggs. Or, chop the various vegetables in many colors. Sometimes the kids only want an interesting look rather than a very tasty dish.

4. Give a Reward

Everybody loves a reward, so give the kids a reward can support them to be more behave during mealtime. You are allowed to give them chips, ice cream, or cake, but those are only for a compliment, not the main food. If you are trying to reduce sweetness, then change the reward into extra playtime, start stickers, or anything they love.

5. Involve Them in Making Menu

The other way to teach them being responsible is involving in every activity, including in making the menu. Ask them what they love to eat, exclude the sweets, and let them write down the menu for a week. It is okay to start with 7 days. If this helps you to achieve your goal, then ask them to make for a whole month.

Patience is the main key while you are having this problem. As the parents, you should comfort with every condition. Because if you cannot handle your emotions, the kids will get worse and they reject to eat at all. The tips for picky eating toddlers above are commonly done by parents out there. Some of them prove a success, even the rest is still struggling with their children.