How to prepare kids for first flight

5 Guides Of How To Prepare Kids For First Flight

Are you going to go by plane with your kids and this is your kids’ first flight? Then, this must be your first experience to bring your kids with you. Plus, you must know how to prepare kids for first flight. There are some guides that you need to follow just to make a perfect first flight for your kids. Here are the six guides to prepare your kids for their first flight.

How to prepare kids for first flight

1. Making Sure All Of The Documents Complete

First of all, you have to ensure that you bring all the documents needed. In this case, you can’t even be careless. It’s because you bring your baby with you. As a consequence, you need to bring all of your kids’ documents like passport and birth certificate.

Airlines have a certain requirement like at what age a baby can travel by airplane. Usually, you need to bring your baby’s birth document to prove your baby is above the minimum age. Commonly, a baby can have a flight minimum of seven days old.

2. Buying A Baby Seat

Having a baby travels with you on the plane will be a new experience for you. Furthermore, if this is your baby’s first flight. You can buy a baby seat for your baby because you can’t expect much on the plane.

Your baby will have their own space if they seat in their baby seat. Plus, a baby-seat is available, but you should prepare it by yourself. This is one way of how to prepare kids for first flight.

3. Choosing The Right Flight For Your Kids

You have to keep a travel day as a normal day when you travel with your kids. Moreover, you have to still keep wake-up times, nap times, meal times and even playtimes. You know how your baby is, so it’s better if you can book an early morning flight.

There are also travelers choosing to book a flight at night. It’s because they want their babies to sleep on a plane. However, not all kids are the same because this way might work for some children only. You can pick the best way for your kid’s first flight.

4. Bringing Your Kids’ Toy With You

There is one thing that you can’t forget that your kids cannot stay calm even on the plane. Therefore, you need to bring their toys just to make them busy and play with it. Plus, you also have to make sure that you only bring their favorite toy.

It’s because of the simplicity of the plane. As a parent, you have a really big influence here. You have to be very well-prepared and make a plane just like home for your kids.

5. Preparing Your Kids For Take-Off

The last thing that must be your concern is preparing your kids for take-off. Your kids must have no idea about take-off. Here, you need to tell them what to do and guide them. Moreover, you also need to pay attention to what they do. Take-off will give them a new experience because it creates a new feeling for them.

The five guides of how to prepare kids for first flight above must be your first concern. You should be much more well-prepared than before.

Unusual wedding hair accessories

Unusual Wedding Hair Accessories To Wear

When it comes to wedding parties, wearing the best outfit is a must for both women and men. However, compared to men, the appearance of women usually is more important. Wearing the best from top to bottom is usually something that all women will concern. One of the main thing woman will usually concern is the hair accessories. Usually, they don’t want something that is the same with others, therefore they will look for unusual wedding hair accessories. 

Unusual wedding hair accessories

When it comes to hair accessories, there are many things that women can wear. However, wearing the same accessories as other women is just not right for them. Therefore, try to look for some unusual hair accessories to wear for a wedding. Don’t forget to look to adjust the accessories with the theme of your clothing, here are some ideas of unusual wedding hair accessories that you can wear:

1. A Shoe Hat

To look different and attracting at a wedding, you can wear a shoe hat for the accessory. This is a very unusual accessory that you might not see at every wedding. Even though it is unique it is still fashionable. Some designers have made a shoe hat for fashion shows making it a fashionable thing to wear. Just make sure to choose the right design and color for the hat. 

2. Standing Pearl Bandana

Wearing a normal bandana to a wedding is something normal many people will wear. If you want to look different, wear a standing pearl bandana that is 3D. This is luxurious but also fashionable, so people can still wear them for wedding parties. It is unique, and it is not something that everyone can have. 

3. Standing Fur Bandana

In the old days, many people used head bandanas for a wedding occasion. Therefore, this can be another idea for people nowadays. Rather than wearing a hat, use a bandana especially for hot days. Using a bandana can help make the hair still look good rather than a hat. For a simple look, people can use one fur. But if you want to look more attractive you can add more fur on the bandana. 

4. Pearl Flower Bandana

Another unusual wedding hair accessories people can wear to a wedding is pearl flower bandana. Usually, a bandana will only normal designs on the bandana. To make it different, people can add a flower pearl bandana to make it look prettier. It will cost more expensive, but it is more beautiful and attracting. 

5. Animal Hat

If you want to make a bandana that is unusual and attract many peoples’ attention is using an animal hat. Those who love an animal can use this as an accessory. People can choose between a 3D or normal design animal hat for a wedding. Just make sure to choose a plain dress so that it doesn’t look loud. 

So, these are some unusual wedding hair accessories people can use for a wedding occasion. They are different and still fashionable for people to wear. Just make sure to feel confident when you wear these unique hats on your head. 

What’s New? Clothing Trends You Must Try

The newest fashion trends in the Autumn/Winter 2019 shows are a daring combination of the old and the new. Here are some items that you can add into your wardrobe to stay in style. Have fun dressing up to get your own A-List look!

  1. Go Glam

Since 2020 is coming, we’re really bringing back the Roaring ‘20s aesthetics. This style is a shout out to the flappers of the decadent period. Dazzle with metallic sequin dresses and combine them with big silver earrings, hair clips, and necklaces. Create your own hedonistic party wherever you are.

  1. Comfy Look

We’re talking “staying at home on the weekends watching Netflix” kind of comfort here. Get soft wool dresses, cashmere track pants, and warm turtlenecks, all in monochromatic and neutral shades and soft materials.

  1. Faux Furs

Winter is here, so get insulated! For the increasingly cold weather, anything that involves fuzzy faux furs are your perfect companion, from your regular coat to oversized bucket hats.

fashion trends – winter fashion trends

  1. The Monster Mash

The Monster Mash is a predominantly black look with a dash of bold colors for accent. It gets the name because it’s reminiscent of the lurid palette of oldies monster movie monsters. Partner black midi dress with bright accessories, or get striped tops and black leather boots.

  1. Bling Bling

We’re going back to the ‘80s and the ‘90s with these sparkly items. Humongous drop earrings, silver belts, and coat fastenings so glittery they blind the people around you? Why not?

  1. Neon Turtlenecks

The days are getting darker, but we’re not. Brighten them up with neon colors. They’re good to wear with dark colors, so that the fluoro shades look even brighter. This new clothing trend is a sure way to distinguish yourself in the crowd.

  1. ‘80s Headbands

This is another ‘80s trend we’re bringing back. The puffy headbands give you a girly, Alice in Wonderland-esque look that will surely draw attention to you. They also make bad hair days much, much better.

  1. Dresses and Skirts, But with Trousers

This sounds crazy, yes, but try it yourself and you’ll see just how retro-adorable this look is. What is a better way to draw the spotlight to you anyway? Combine with heels for extra cuteness or comfy sneakers for lazy, colder days.

  1. Androgynous Look

We’re breaking and redefining gender stereotypes in this age in every way possible, fashion included. Get an androgynous look—one that is both masculine and feminine—by wearing oversized, boyish clothes. Do anything you want, because this newest clothing trend is all about breaking boundaries!


The Amazon Rainforest is the biggest tropical forest in the world. The Amazon Rainforest is located in the South American continent. The Amazon Rainforest has an area of 5.5 million square kilometers. The Amazon rainforest covers 9 countries with a vast area of up to 7 million square kilometers. The 9 countries include Brazil with 60% of the forest, Peru, Venezuela, Colombo, Bolivia, Guyana, Ecuador, Suriname, and French Guiana. The Amazon Rainforest region itself is commonly known as “The Lungs of The World”. This is because the Amazon Rainforest can produce up to 30% of all oxygen on earth. In addition, the Amazon Rainforest is very famous with the nickname “Green Hell” caused by river water that often overflows each year. Besides, the Amazon Rainforest also famous as a “Home of Animals”

The Amazon Rainforest also has a very important role as a place to live or home for animals. More than 10,000 species of animals live in Amazon Rainforest. That number is not surprising given the vast area of the Amazon Rainforest which reaches up to 5.5 million square kilometers. A large number of species that live there consists of various kinds of animals. There are more than 430 mammals such as Jaguar, Puma, Capybara, Amazon River Dolphin, Tapir, Kinkajou, Sloth, Giant River Otter, Golden Lion Tamarin, and others. Besides, there are also 1,300 birds that include Harpy Eagle, Hoatzin, Macaws, Manakins, Hummingbirds, Woodpeckers, and Parakeets. In Amazon Rainforest also live more than 400 reptiles and this place is famous as a home of snakes such as Anaconda, Boa Constrictors, and Venomous snakes. In addition, more than 1,000 of amphibians such as Poison Dart Frog, Glass Frog, Green Iguana, Jesus Lizard lives there. There are also species of animals that live in the water, which are various kinds of fish. More than 5,600 kinds of fish like Arapaima or Pirarucu, Piranha, Arowana, Electric Eel, Neon Tetras, and Giant Catfish. It is around 10% of the animals whose species are very well known in the world. 

Apart from being a home for various species of animals, the Amazon Rainforest is also very famous for having more than 40,000 plant species and also more than 16,000 tree species. It is unfortunate, that number is decreasing. This is caused by a very large forest fire. The fires that started from January to August 2019 have burned the Amazon forest covering an area of 18,627 hectares. The fire was caused by a long dry season. Fires in the Amazon Rainforest attract a lot of attention from animal lovers who want to help save animals that are still alive.

4 Recommendations of the New Game Online Play on Smartphones

What is the best new game online play? You must agree that playing games simply makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. Interestingly, it is now no longer a difficult thing. There are so many developers out there that produce fun and fascinating online games. Despite those games like Mobile Legend that has been very popular for so long, some new games are also recommended to play. For mobile games, what are the recommendations? You can take a look at the list below.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is actually based on a Nintendo classic game. The type of the game is racing and it provides you some simpler control features. You don’t need to be a Nintendo player first to know and play the game. This mobile game offers you 30 characters, 20 carts, and 10 gliders to choose from. You must compete with other players to win 16 trophies. After finishing every race, you can gain Grand Stars with a maximum of 5 Grand Stars that are available in each series.

Gears Pop!

The next recommendation is Gears Pop! The game is launched by Microsoft and it is designed based on the franchise of Gears of War. The game basically combines Gears and Pop Funko Characters. It is a kind of multiplayer game to be played in real-time with an environment or universe namely Gears. There are many enemies to face and defeat that are coming from other players. But sure, it is possible to face AI when you want to test your own strategies. How to play it? Build your own troop by defeating and collecting your enemies.

Pokemon Masters

If Pokemon Go lets you catch and collect your Pokemon in Pokemon Masters, you collect the masters. Each master must have his or her relationship with a Pokemon. Then, you need to create the best team consisting of 3 people to win the tournament of Pokemon Masters League done in Pasi0 Island. Well, for fans of Pokemon, you should not miss this game out.

Forza Street

Forza Street is another new game from Microsoft. It is a kind of free racing game that has been available in devices of Windows 10. Currently, the company makes it available on Android. The main goal of the game is winning events and gain points to improve your car’s performance. You can also buy a new car to be added to your garage. The game is challenging since it is not only about speed but also time.

Food and Health News: 5 Additives that Ruins Your Gut

Food and health news will keep you on what is the trend today. Other than that, after we know the trend, we should sort and figure which one is good to eat and which one should be thrown away. Talking about foods, food additives art part of ingredients we use today.

Many food additives are harmless to eat. However, some of them could ruin the healthy activity of your gut. Later, it can lead to intestinal inflammation and further conditions to your gut bacteria. So, we have a food and health news that you can read in this article. Prevention is always better than cure.

#1 Polysorbate 80

Polysorbate 80 is the name of the emulsifier. As its name suggests, the function of this substance is keeping the homogenous consistency in a food or drink. According to a study in 2017, polysorbate could lower down the good bacteria in your stomach. 

It can lead to gut inflammation while it promotes weight gain in humans. Any food and drink that combines fats and liquids may contain this ingredient.

#2 Carboxymethylcellulose

If you read the CMC or cellulose gum on the ingredients table then your food may contain this thing. CMC is a type of emulsifiers to thicken the texture of foods. This substance can mess with your gut bacteria by causing inflammation through the gene expression. 

Too much consumption would make the gut produces a protein that could irritate them. All gelatinous foods and certain types of dressing cheese contain this ingredient.

#3 Sucralose

This one is an artificial sweetener contained by sugar-free products, diet soda, and pre-workout drinks. It does not cause cancer but it messed with your liver enzymes. In the end, you will have an issue to absorb nutrients.

#4 Aspartame

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that could cause a weird feeling to your gut. It ruins the ability of your gut to process sugar. Diet soda and many other products contain this sweetener.

#5 BPA, BPS, and BPF

All foods and drinks packed in aluminum packages and plastic containers contain this thing. The presence of this thing on the package of the beverages could promote irritable bowel syndrome and the worst is colorectal cancer. On the other hand, this ingredient could disrupt hormone activities in humans’ bodies.

And this is anything you need to know about the world today. The food and health news should keep you making wise decisions.

Hundreds of Thousands of Condoms in Uganda Are Withdrawn

Current events in healthcare – A global health charity named Marie Stopes, withdraws hundreds of thousands of condoms in Uganda due to low quality. Those condoms do not fulfill the health standard because some holes are found. For your information, Marie Stopes is the specialist and biggest sexual reproductive health organization in Uganda. National Drug Authority or NDA in Uganda mentions that condoms with a brand named Life Guard are failed in a condom quality test. Some holes are found in those condoms and there is a possibility that the product can break. The LifeGuard brand underwent a strict quality control, however, the product does not fulfill the standard quality.

The withdrawn condoms are produced by MHL Healthcare that is based in India. According to the related organization, the contraception expires in April 2024. The spokesman of Marie Stopes Uganda named David Kamu stated that there are around 400.000 condoms withdrawn by the organization. On the other hand, the spokesman of the National Drug Authority in Uganda named Fred Sskyana the number of condoms withdrawn is below a million. This is quite worrying because Uganda is a country with a quite high level of HIV/AIDS in the world. According to UNAIDS, there are at least 1.4 million people in Uganda who live with HIV. Last year, there are around 53.000 people recently affected the disease.

As you know, HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a deadly virus because it damages the immune system of the body. If it is not treated well, HIV can develop into AIDS or Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome within a decade. Without any treatment or medication, the life expectancy of people with AIDS is around 3 years. Research performed from 2009 to 2019 shows that there are some professions with the most HIV/AIDS, 5 of them are employees, housewives, entrepreneurs, farmers/fishermen/breeders, and laborers. Most patients with HIV/AIDS visit hospitals or other health facilities when their conditions are already severe. So that the virus is harder to be treated.

So, it is highly suggested to directly undergo a medical examination when a patient feels the symptoms of HIV. Because the disease can be controlled and the life expectancy of people with HIV is almost the same as for someone who has not been infected by the virus. HIV/AIDS is a worrying case in any country, not only Uganda. This is why it is always included in current events in healthcare.

3 Recommended Ways for Public Transport Trip Planner

The use of Public Transportation has become a focus in several countries. Developed countries tend to use public transportation compared to using private cars. Although many things must be considered when using public transportation such as the public transportation schedules, prioritizing the people that get off from public transportation, and pay attention to the station or the stop. But the use of Public Transportation supports the go-green movement because the pollution generated by private vehicles will be reduced. Public transportation includes buses and trains. Examples of countries where the majority of people use public transportation are Singapore, Japan, German, United Kingdom, and French. Here are some recommended ways for Public Transport Trip Planner. 

 Using Google Maps

Google continues to update the features available on its Maps. Google maps provide very complete public transportation data such as bus or train numbers, arrival times, travel time, and transportation ticket prices. Users only need to type their starting location and destination location, Google Maps will directly display what kind of transportation that the user wants such as public transportation, motorbikes, and cars. Google maps also offer other options that are felt to be more efficient in time or cost so that it is very easy for users to arrive at their destination. Users can also follow their journey using public transportation on maps to ascertain whether the path taken is correct.

Directly to the general Vehicle Website

In general, every country that has good public transportation technology will provide a special website for these public vehicles. Services on this website such as departure schedules, transportation numbers, routes, prices, and even whether there is a diversion of the route if something happens at the location. The country that has the public transportation website in Australia namely which provides public transportation services for Sydney and NSW. Great Britain has which provides information for buses, ferry, and light trains. Websites like this are very useful because to find the route to the destination location feels very easy.

Ask on the Travel Forum

Today, many use the travel forum on the internet to ask questions about public transport trip planners. This is very useful, especially for foreign tourists. The question will be answered by residents or other foreign tourists who have visited the country so that the information obtained will be very certain. In general, questions like this will be explained in detail or will have other options so that your trip will feel easier.

Expedia Flight And Car And How To Find The Best Travel Agent

Talking about expedia flight and car, surely what comes to your mind is how to find a suitable and trusted travel agent. Currently, there are many concerns about the credibility of travel agents, because it is not uncommon to only utilize passenger difficulties, but not to provide maximum service. Therefore, this article will discuss how to find a suitable and trustworthy travel agent.

Find out about aircraft and car security history

For transportation problems, whether using airplanes or cars, security matters first. Therefore, you must do a check on this matter. Each airline has a track record of each flight. Of course, you can find out which airline has the best level of security. This also applies to search car rentals or touring services by car.

You can check and research which airlines have experienced delays failed to fly, failed to land until the plane crashed. You can also find out which travel agent usually has a bad testimony in terms of customer service. You can choose when you have never had an accident or at least the minimum level of accident. This history can be a reference for those of you who want to choose a safe and comfortable airline.

Choose the most reasonable price and according to the facilities

The price can’t lie. This term you can trust or not. But at least when you will choose a safe and comfortable airline such as expedia flight and car, the term can be a reference.

Indeed, today many airlines offer affordable ticket prices that allow many people to use the plane. However, aircraft safety and comfort are the main ones. That is, an airline may not provide expensive prices if the service is not good from other cheap airlines. Therefore, choose an airline whose ticket price is slightly more expensive but the level of security and comfort is guaranteed.

This, of course, you can also apply to other transportation such as a car. But of course, you have to check beforehand, to ensure the suitability of the price with the facilities offered.

Don’t hesitate to find out about testimonials from other customers

Tips that you may not miss when choosing an airline or travel agent that is safe and comfortable is to know the testimonies of other passengers. For example, you can ask your relatives, relatives, friends or other parties about what airlines and travel agents are the best they have ever used.

Usually, every passenger who has used a travel agent must have experience. They can feel how the facilities, and services.

There are several ways to find the best deal about flight and car such as in expedia flight and car.

Health and Fitness News – New Vaccine to Prevent Staph Infection Has Been Found

In health and fitness news today! Scientists have found a new vaccine that can help to avoid staph infections. Recent research that involve mice and rabbits have shown significant results. The vaccine is hoped to prevent the killing of infections to more people in the future.

Researches on the Vaccine

A series of research that uses mice and rabbits infected by S. aureus has shown great results. 80% of mice involved in the research were known to survive. The experimental vaccine was developed by a group of scientists at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. There are two-thirds of the percentage were known to be free from infections just within 3 weeks. Not only that but two-thirds of the rabbits used in the researches also survived and cleared the infections in about one month. The results shown are believed to be very useful in human health and save more people in the future. The vaccine will also be beneficial for patients who are undergoing surgery, especially cardiovascular and orthopedic procedures.

During the research, scientists had injected S. aureus into the bone marrow and hole-like lesions found in the bone. The mice were able to survive 21 days after the infections and show no signs that they had been ill. The same results were also found in the rabbits infected by the bacteria.

  1. aureus has been known for a long time as a bacteria on the skin that can cause infections on the area, blood, and bone. The bacteria are also commonly found in the respiratory tract and nasal cavities. The bacteria can lead humans to suffer from respiratory infections, skin infections, bloodstream infections, and food poisoning. Staph infections are known to have killed more than 300,000 people in the United States every year. Additionally, they also cause the healthcare system to cover the treatment and medication needed for the infections around $10 billion so far. 

The Vaccine Development

The scientists at the University of Maryland screened S. aureus proteins to develop this new experimental vaccine. The proteins will be killed by antibodies when chronic infection attacks. According to scientists, the methods used will make it possible for them to choose protein targets to be given the vaccine. There were 5 different proteins used by scientists to develop the vaccine. Four of the proteins a bacterial biofilm. They are slimy substances that will secure the bacteria from various immune responses like antibiotics and antibodies.